Voices at work

Voices at Work – In The Operating Theatre

This is the first in a series of features illustrating the use and importance of particular voices in different occupations, if you’ve got a great example of voices in action, let us know on twitter or linkedin.

Chantelle Smith is a ‘scrub nurse’ who has worked in a variety of roles in different hospitals. Her operating theatre experience is both broad and deep, with experience in  clinical areas including colorectal, bariaritrics, hepatobillary, ear, nose & throat, plastic surgery, gynaecology and robotics. As a senior theatre nurse she has a leadership role.

While she makes use of all nine voices, the dominant voices in her profile are to advise, direct, advocate, articulate and challenge. It’s a repertoire well-matched to the demands of an environment where the implementation of standard procedures to the specifics of individual cases requires the surgical team to sustain an ongoing, moment-by-moment balance between knowing the current ‘position’ and acting to maintain ‘control.’

vp-adminVoices at Work – In The Operating Theatre
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