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Distinctive as a fingerprint

each of us has a personal but largely unconscious pattern of ‘voices’ which shapes the way we talk and the impact we make.

VoicePrint shows the personal contribution

that you make through the way you talk, think and act, but these potential strengths can also be limiters until you understand them and know when and how to use them.

The VoicePrint model

The Components of VoicePrint

The VoicePrint Questionnaire

is a self-assessment which surfaces the characteristic but usually unconscious patterns in how you use talk.

It provides a new, immediate and practical means of raising self-awareness and developing  personal and inter-personal effectiveness.

VoicePrint Relationship Profiling

is a diagnostic tool for combining and contrasting individual VoicePrint profiles to explore the dynamics, implications and development priorities in particular relationships and interactions.

It facilitates relating, engagement and teamwork by exposing tensions, tacit biases, ‘sticking points’ and unrecognised impacts that need to be addressed.

VoicePrint 360

adds a crucial further dimension by complementing your VoicePrint self-perception with feedback from people who work with you.

It reveals more about your actual impact on others, where you need to focus attention and development, and how you can do that.


is our own unique development course for anyone who wants to improve their communication capabilities. It gives participants a deep understanding of their VoicePrint profiles in the particular ‘talk contexts’ that are important to them personally. It provides personalised guidance that is immediately useful.

It develops the ‘in-the-moment’ awareness required to be able to continue to translate the insights from the VoicePrint diagnostics and development resources into high levels of competence that can be sustained and transferred into other roles and contexts.

Let’s unlock your door to improved communication

The options for using VoicePrint

Taking responsibility for the success of the conversation.

Charlie International Programmes Director - UK

The most powerful profiling tool I have used.

Liz Palmer Executive and Leadership Coach & Facilitator - UK

Immediately useful. Not full of jargon.

Catherine McIntosh HR Consultant & Professional Mediator - UK
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