VoicePrint Diagnostics

VoicePrint allows in depth exploration and reflection on how an individual behaves — and with what effect — when communicating and interacting.
“The most powerful profiling tool I have used."
Liz Palmer Executive and Leadership Coach & Facilitator - UK
two men using voiceprint on their laptop

VoicePrint self perception

The VoicePrint self-perception questionnaire helps you to become more aware and more skilful, by translating your sense of your own actions into a profile of how you tend to use these nine different voices. 

The VoicePrint self perception profile indicates:

  • the shape and completeness of your repertoire;
  • the extent to which you rely on some voices rather than others;

  • your characteristic approach towards moving through your repertoire;

  • whether and how your approach changes under pressure;
  • potential implications of your current approach.
Example of the VoicePrint self perception report

VoicePrint 360

VoicePrint 360 is a companion to a VoicePrint self-perception profile. It clarifies your actual impact. Both are designed to develop your communications, personal effectiveness and influence.

VoicePrint 360 adds the other essential perspective:

  • it provides feedback on how others hear you

  • helps you to see whether you come across as you intend and whether you are having the impacts that you want to have

  • highlights differences between your own and others’ perceptions

  • Identifies potential misunderstandings and areas for attention and development.
VoicePrint 360 Report Examples

VoicePrint Group Profile

Combines and contrasts individual VoicePrint profiles to help you to understand and develop the dynamics, implications and development priorities in a particular combination of people.

VoicePrint Group:

  • can be used for teams, small groups or even one-to-one relationships

  • presents the combined profile in a variety of informative ways and suggests questions and recommendations for you to consider

  • explores multiple perspectives, Drawn either from the self-perception reports or from VoicePrint 360 feedback, they can illuminate both the tendencies ‘in the room’ and how the group is perceived by others.

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