My experience with VoicePrint – Emma Dutton

November 19, 2020
Emma Dutton

About Emma

Emma is an accredited VoicePrint practitioner with extensive experience working across global organisations predominantly in the tech sector.  Previously a senior Learning and Development and HR Executive, she now runs her own successful organisational development business.  She specialises in designing and delivering leadership development programmes, talent development initiatives, individual and team coaching and learning and development consultancy.

One VoicePrint

“I was inspired to become a VoicePrint Practitioner having experienced first-hand, during my own corporate career, the positive and transformational impact it had on individuals and leaders at all levels of organisation including Board level.  I observed a newly formed, Executive Board struggling to interact productively and effectively.  They somehow kept missing each other due to certain voices within the group being over- or under-used.  VoicePrint revealed and then unlocked barriers in their communication and interaction with one another. I witnessed this group of individuals transition into a highly effective, close knit team with a much-improved appreciation of one another’s communication style and an increased range of voices to leverage both as individuals and as a Board.

There is an abundance of diagnostics out there but for me VoicePrint is a powerhouse of a tool.  It is unique, simple to grasp and resonates well with individuals and leaders alike.  We often take “talk” for granted and I have seen all too often how conversations and communications can be misunderstood and have unintended consequences in organisations. 

What I love about using VoicePrint in my own work is how practical it is and how it has such an immediate impact with clients.  It immediately raises self-awareness about how we communicate with others and the impact that our “voices” are having.  This insight enables us to intentionally choose which voice will best serve us in any given conversation, and this in turn results in more engaging dialogues which positively impact individual, team and organisation performance.”

Emma is a passionate enabler of people with a strong reputation for bringing about positive behavioural change in others empowering them to be the best they can be.  Known for her authentic, non-judgemental, empathic style, she prides herself on providing practical and pragmatic approaches to everyday business challenges.

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