Practitioner Profiles

Duncan Partridge – International Educationalist & VoicePrint Practitioner

Duncan Partridge is a VoicePrint Practitioner with a particular interest in developing the communication skills of young people.

His expertise lies in the fields of International Education, Teacher Training and Educational Leadership. An experienced teacher himself, with first-hand experience of working in Africa, South America and Western Europe, he was formerly Head of the Halcyon London International School, shortlisted for the Innovative school of the Year Award by the Times Educational Supplement.

vp-adminDuncan Partridge – International Educationalist & VoicePrint Practitioner
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Sue Warman – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile


Sue is a senior HR leader with a strong reputation for building and leading highly effective and engaged teams.

With extensive experience in global organisations, predominantly in technology and telecoms, Sue has coached and developed leaders at all levels and has a successful track record for building strong bench strength and succession pipeline.

vp-adminSue Warman – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile
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VoicePrint Practitioner Profile Rachael Hanley-Browne

Accredited VoicePrint practitioner Rachael Hanley-Browne is a highly experienced assessment and development professional. She is Head of Leadership Consulting, an organisational development practice in Harvey Nash, best known as a billion dollar recruitment and outsourcing group with over 40 offices across the globe.

vp-adminVoicePrint Practitioner Profile Rachael Hanley-Browne
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Kate Hesk – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile

Coach, mentor & developer of women leaders, early careerists and leaders looking to develop their impact. 

Kate is an accredited VoicePrint Practitioner who has a curious passion for communication. As a Master Coach and having spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical and health care sector Kate has led and coached many leaders and considers communication to be at the heart of effective relationships in work and outside.

vp-adminKate Hesk – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile
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Dan Szabunia – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile

With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate sector Dan is an executive coach, and is accredited in a number of psychometric and assessment tools including MBTI, SDI and VoicePrint.  He’s an NLP practitioner and his overall approach is grounded in the principles of humanistic and person centred psychology in which he trained for a number of years.

vp-adminDan Szabunia – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile
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Neil Brewster – Learning & Development Professional

Neil Brewster is an accredited VoicePrint practitioner who comes from a military intelligence background. Specialising in Human Intelligence operations which included interrogation and debriefing, Neil has seen the value of clear, cross-cultural rapport based communication.

vp-adminNeil Brewster – Learning & Development Professional
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Margaret Strudwick – HR Consultant

Maggie is an ardent supporter of individuals striving for self-development and work place inclusion opportunities; championing the endeavours of those motivated to learn from experience, developing their self-awareness and reaching for the next level. She became an accredited VoicePrint practitioner in September 2016.

vp-adminMargaret Strudwick – HR Consultant
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Alison Verheul – Senior HR Consultant

Alison has worked as an HR consultant for over 25 years, formally as an operations director for a global consulting firm as well as managing projects up to a £1 million worth in revenue. Since 2001 she has built her own business, developing a reputation as a pragmatic and focused business advisor, using strong listening and inquiring skills to get to the nub of an issue quickly. She is currently a Senior Consultant at Connor, which has invested in creating a strong group of accredited practitioners to support its extensive use of the VoicePrint tool.

vp-adminAlison Verheul – Senior HR Consultant
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