Case Studies

How do you respond when you’re put on the spot?

Coaching with VoicePrint

How do you feel about being ‘put on the spot,’ abruptly called upon to respond to an unexpected question, request or challenge?

Some people enjoy it; they get a buzz out of suddenly having to ‘think on their feet.’ But many of us, perhaps most, prefer time to prepare before we commit ourselves to giving a response.

vp-adminHow do you respond when you’re put on the spot?
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Talent & Organisational Development Case Study

Creating and embedding a coaching culture in an organisation


“We saw an instant change in beliefs and behaviours – our people realised that they weren’t always coaching their teams in the right way. The managers who went on the programme are now leading their teams more effectively.”

vp-adminTalent & Organisational Development Case Study
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Case study – Flogas

Increasing skills and capabilities at an individual, team and organisation level

The difference in behaviour in our leadership team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved noticeably. We’re thrilled with the fundamental changes you’ve made to our business.

Sharon Platts, HR director, Flogas
vp-adminCase study – Flogas
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Rocket Man: a coaching case study


Graham is a rather specialised sort of medical scientist, but he does not speak with the dry, measured diction of the stereotypical clinician. He talks brightly, with colour, energy and enthusiasm.

What also struck me in that first meeting was that Graham seemed so open-minded, ready and receptive for the coaching that his employer had decided he needed. This was an encouraging surprise, because it’s not easy to accept the feedback that you need lessons in anger management. It’s especially difficult to accept, if you’re already in a senior role.

vp-adminRocket Man: a coaching case study
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