Sue Foxley – Head of Outplacement, Business mentor and Coach.

February 23, 2017

As an Outplacement and Career Coach, Sue works with individuals and teams to not only understand their style and build self-awareness, but also to help them use this knowledge to find their next role and to manage their careers successfully.

Sue has a passion for supporting individuals through career transition, she is currently the Head of Outplacement practice at Connor who have invested in creating a strong group of accredited practitioners to support its extensive use of the VoicePrint tool.

sue foxley voiceprint Sue is trained in Coaching, Business Management and Project Management, she provides business and personal coaching to help people, teams and organisations achieve their purpose.

As an accredited Voiceprint practitioner Sue also uses Voiceprint as a valuable communication tool in performance and career coaching to help unlock potential, to inspire and support individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In addition to her strengths in Coaching, Sue has an extensive background in career planning, recruitment, HR operations and strategic business planning.

Sue says,

“Voiceprint is such a powerful tool as it is so easy to understand, yet powerful in its message. This means that the insight Voiceprint delivers enables people to move on, change behaviours and style and reap the rewards of greater versatility in their communications, gaining enhanced benefits from their interpersonal interactions. My clients have told me that the awareness that Voiceprint brings has helped them communicate better and build stronger links with their line manager, peers and team members”.

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