VoicePrint Training & Accreditation Programme

What you get

The training & accreditation programme equips you with all you need to start using VoicePrint in your own work as a people and organisational development professional.

The programme consists of two foundational modules, and gives you the opportunity to use the VoicePrint self-perception instrument on two real practice cases of your own. We encourage you to do at least one of these between the first module and the second.

Module 1 gives you the understanding to work with the VoicePrint personal profiling tool to explore your clients’ profiles. Module 2 lets you take part in an expertly facilitated review of your initial experience with the tool, and then familiarises you with the other resources provided to enable VoicePrint practitioners to take their work and their clients beyond diagnosis through development to real competence in practice.

The content, format and support provided in the programme has been progressively developed and refined over time to make your VoicePrint training relevant, efficient and practical, and to enable you to achieve your accreditation at the earliest opportunity. Your certificate of accreditation is awarded as soon as you demonstrate your grasp of VoicePrint through a reflective review of your two practice cases.

Six months after accreditation you will be invited to take part in a Master Class with VoicePrint’s developer, Alan Robertson. The Master Class provides an opportunity for small groups of accredited practitioners to continue to finesse their skill with VoicePrint in an open learning dialogue with Alan and with each other.

Module 1: Through Exploration to Understanding

Explaining the VoicePrint Model:

VoicePrint is designed to be complementary and to add value to other profiling tools

So what is VoicePrint and what makes it different & additive?

Examining Tendency:

Awareness of current tendency is the beginning of the developmental process

How to jointly explore & ‘read’ VoicePrint self-perception profiles

The process is taught with reference throughout to real, anonymised cases

  • ‘Triangles’: the implications of a repertoire: intentions and impacts
  • ‘Tracks’:  regulars, occasionals and tacit strategies
  • ‘Expression’:  the Inner Voice and the Bigger Conversation
  • ‘Pressure Profile’:  inhibition, energy and in-the-moment awareness

Developing Skill:

Diagnosis is only the first step. VoicePrint is designed to develop competence in practice.

Introducing  VoicePrint’s  development resources:

  • What does each voice sound like:
  • Tips for strengthening or de-emphasising specific voices

Participant Practice:

The best way to become adept with using VoicePrint is to accumulate experience using it.

Learning through first-hand experience.

  • Facilitating the exploration of another person’s VoicePrint profile
  • Setting up to practice on your volunteers before day 2

Questions & Answers

The purpose of Module 1 is to give you sufficient know-how and confidence to get started.

This session is your opportunity to ensure that you have that.

Take-Aways to consolidate & extend the learning from Module 1:

  • From Portraits to Movies paper: using VoicePrint for a more dynamic view of personality
  • Practical tips on how to strengthen or de-emphasise specific voices
  • Coaching Case Study examples
  • Our recommended template for capturing your reflections on your own practice cases

Before proceeding to Module 2, we recommend that you

  • Arrange for your two volunteers to complete their VoicePrint self-perception profiles
  • Complete your exploration of results with at least one, if not both, of your volunteers
  • Articulate questions & reflections from that experience in relation to your own practice

What people are saying about the VoicePrint Training & Accreditation Programme

Thank you for a great 2 days..I feel so energised and excited to use Voiceprint

Jo Taylor Let's Talk Talent

Voiceprint offers both individuals and teams clear insight into the way they interact with the outside world and with each other. The themes presented within the analysis are perceptive, often illuminating and easily translate into practical development activities that make a difference

Helen M Head of Global Talent Management

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Module 2: From Diagnosis to Development to Competence

Learning Forum:

An opportunity to learn with and from others training to become VoicePrint practitioners

accompanied by expert input from the accredited course leader

  • Review of your completed practice case/s
  • Preview & preparation for your future use of VoicePrint

Developing In-the-Moment Agility:

Outstanding competence starts with awareness of tendency and progresses through the development of skill, but the real turning point is the acquisition of agility ‘in the moment.’

  • Developing ‘know-when’ (Keeping your ear on the Trigger)
  • Promoting the role of Inquiry
  • Cultivating Presence of Mind and Voice

Familiarisation with the VoicePrint Consultant Dashboard

VoicePrint is more than a diagnostic. It is about developing people to become outstandingly competent in the most pivotal of all personal and inter-personal skills.

  • The Development Resources
  • Administration: creating projects, issuing questionnaires and obtaining reports
  • VoicePrint 360 Feedback questionnaire & report
  • VoicePrint Relationship & Group Profiling tool

Preview of the VoicePrint Master Class and VoicePrint User Group

Questions & Answers

The purpose of Module 2 is to enable you to successfully complete your accreditation and then to start making best use of VoicePrint and the VoicePrint developmental resources in your own work.

This session is your opportunity to ensure the module delivers those outcomes for you.


  • Multiple Lines of Inquiry: a VoicePrint research insight paper
  • Team & Culture Development Case Study example
  • Set up and access to your own VoicePrint Consultant Dashboard
  • Schedule for completion of personal VoicePrint accreditation

Before you receive your invitation to a VoicePrint Master Class, we recommend that you

  • Accumulate and extend your experience of using VoicePrint
  • Use it with a diversity of people and in a variety of different contexts
  • Make a note of your questions and the issues for your continuing professional development as a VoicePrint user.
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