Practical Communication Improvement For Your Clients

VoicePrint Training Enables You To Deliver Rapid, Valuable Communication Improvements

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Voiceprint offers both individuals and teams clear insight into the way they interact with the outside world and with each other

Helen M Head of Global Talent Management
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What Makes VoicePrint So Different?

VoicePrint is a framework for developing competence in the use of talk. It identifies a set of nine distinctive ‘voices’ that are required to communicate successfully at work. By raising awareness of the patterns and the consequences of the voices that you favour or neglect, VoicePrint enables rapid, practical improvement in this pivotal skill.

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I found the accreditation training invaluable to gain an in depth understanding of the background and process to using the Voiceprint tool. More than that, a great opportunity to share stories and experiences and to learn from the other consultants training on the programme. Having the session split over two days with opportunity to go and have ‘live’ feedback sessions with coachees in between was great and really helped to embed the learning from the programme.

Kate Hesk Coach & Leadership Developer
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About The Programme

The training & accreditation programme equips you with all you need to start using VoicePrint in your own work as a people and organisational development professional.

The programme consists of two foundational modules, and gives you the opportunity to use the VoicePrint self-perception instrument on two real practice cases of your own.

Each module is delivered in a one-day, face-to-face workshop. The standard programme separates modules 1 and 2, enabling you to carry out a practice case after module 1, and reflect on this during module 2. For those with limited time, the fast track accreditation course runs modules 1 and 2 back to back.

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What’s Your Investment

Can potential clients differentiate you from other people professionals? How much more value can you add with your existing clients when you have the skill set and tools to dramatically improve their communication? How many more training opportunities can you create when you understand and can develop the 9 modes of voice?

VoicePrint accreditation equips you with the most powerful of tools and this session is available for Trusted Coach Directory Members Only at the discounted rate of
£900 per person + vat.

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Build your understanding of the 9 different ways of using talk

Learn to apply your understanding to real people and real cases

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Develop the skills to enable others to increase their presence, influence and impact

Is VoicePrint Training For You?

The training and accreditation programme is designed for consultants and coaches interested in using VoicePrint professionally.

Add the unique advantages of providing and interpreting the VoicePrint diagnostics to your skill set. Differentiate yourself in the competitive world of people development and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

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