Sue Warman – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile

February 7, 2018


Sue is a senior HR leader with a strong reputation for building and leading highly effective and engaged teams.

With extensive experience in global organisations, predominantly in technology and telecoms, Sue has coached and developed leaders at all levels and has a successful track record for building strong bench strength and succession pipeline.

Now running her own successful business –  Sue and her team provide coaching and consulting to leaders, management teams and HR functions.
Sue also coaches in the specialist area of neuro-diversity, supporting organisations and individuals to create the conditions for their inner genius to shine through.
Voiceprint has become a core tool in the VBHR kitbag, and is particularly valuable in coaching assignments as well as team development work.

Sue Says:

‘Clients really connect with the model and quickly assimilate the language, learning to identify their own use of the 9 distinct voices and whether they are having the impact they intend to.

The ‘sense making’ that is possible by using the voiceprint model often leads to personal break throughs where clients realise that by consciously shifting their use of the range of voices, they can generate far more positive outcomes in their relationships, their personal impact and therefore their self- confidence’

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