Rhona Anderson – Senior HR Consultant

February 27, 2017

As an HR consultant Rhona works with a variety of organisations focussing on achieving large scale organisational change.

This could be leading strategic cost saving initiatives, implementing performance management frameworks or improving individual/team communication throughout the business. She has led many large projects around mergers/acquisitions, downsizing change initiatives, cultural blending and engagement post transition and has experience of working across many large corporate organisations. She is currently a Senior Consultant at Connor, which has invested in creating a strong group of accredited practitioners to support its extensive use of the VoicePrint tool.

rhona anderson voiceprint As an accredited Voiceprint practitioner Rhona works with employees within organisations to facilitate an increase in self-awareness around how they currently communicate with their peers and Manager as well as the impact that the use of these voices creates. She is passionate about helping others to improve their “voices” at work, ensuring they become conscious of which voices to use so that their intended impact is as effective as possible.

As well as her broad generalist HR background, Rhona also has experience in Training and Development with a passion for coaching and Line Manager training where she regularly utilises the Voiceprint tool to great effect.

Rhona says,

“What I love about Voiceprint is how impactful it is. Often we use different voices without thinking about how we are using them or how they could serve us better! Voiceprint allows individuals to reflect on how their communication style is being perceived and encourages them to experiment with different voices in different situations to enhance the impact that they have in the business. I love using this tool and seeing the difference it can make to an individual’s communication in the relationships that they have at work and personally too!”

To talk to Connor about your next project you can visit their dedicated VoicePrint page. 

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