The Place of Psychometrics in Team Development

September 5, 2017

The Psychometrics Forum is the UK’s leading independent group of psychometric practitioners, and throughout 2017 its events programme has been focused on the theme of psychological myth-busting. On 20th September VoicePrint director and developer Alan Robertson will be the Forum’s latest speaker, leading a session on VoicePrint: how the way we talk shapes the way we think and act.

Many people make their first acquaintance with VoicePrint in the context of personal development or one-to-one coaching, but the tool offers equally powerful insights into the internal dynamics of how teams function and more commonly malfunction. Alan’s morning presentation will lift the lid on why effective team working, and productive collegial relationships more generally, turn out to be so elusive in practice, and will explain the specific practical steps that can be taken to improve team performance and outcomes.

Attendees at this event, which will be recognised and certificated for the purposes of Continuous Professional Development, will also be given the opportunity to complete the VoicePrint self-perception profile and obtain their individual profile report.

In a complementary session Chartered Psychologist Roy Childs, a respected senior figure in the British Psychological Society and Managing Director of Team Focus Ltd, will present his own innovative perspectives on how to work with and develop teams in his talk The Dark Matter in Organisations: recognising, understanding and working through the relational aspects of teams.

The Place of Psychometrics in Team Development will be hosted by The Psychometrics Forum in The Naval Club, 38 Hill Street, Mayfair, London W1J 5NS. Attendance costs £125 (£75 for Psychometrics Forum members) including lunch.

To secure your place at this event contact Caro Leitzell, [email protected]

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