Peter Wakefield – Loving Monday

September 25, 2016

Peter is an experienced professional with over twenty years expertise in the measurement, education and linkage between employee engagement and business performance. He has developed organisational and learning and development strategies for a number of industries.

Peter project managed the first large-scale employee engagement programme in Europe in 1998. He also managed the award winning programmes that proved the link between employee engagement and business performance for the first time in Europe in 2002 and in the housing sector in 2013.

As owner of Loving Monday and Consultant at Connor he uses his experience of employee engagement to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of managers and leaders. He works in partnership with clients, supporting them to develop the confidence, infrastructure and tools to measure and improve their performance and drive efficiencies.

Peter Wakefield VoicePrint

Having such experience in the field of engagement has taught him a lot and that fundamentally people focus too much on the word ‘employee’ and not enough on the word ‘engagement’.

Peter says, “What it takes to engage an ‘employee’ is no different to what it takes to engage you and I, in any situation, whether at work or not. Engagement starts with dialogue, it’s about the conversations you have and your ability to develop positive engaging relationships. Your ability to lead, manage and develop engagement is all about understanding that engagement is about ‘being’ engaging and not ‘doing’ engagement. And by developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the ‘employee’ out and put the ‘person’ back in”.

“VoicePrint is such a great tool for us in our work with managers and leaders helping them to become more ‘engaging’. It helps them to understand that the ‘voice’ they use effects their ability to engage others and how this then translates to both individual and organisational performance”.

Peter’s achievements include the development and implementation of national and international engagement programs and developing people and service strategies within the private, public, and third sectors.

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