Kate Hesk – VoicePrint Practitioner Profile

July 26, 2017

Coach, mentor & developer of women leaders, early careerists and leaders looking to develop their impact. 

Kate is an accredited VoicePrint Practitioner who has a curious passion for communication. As a Master Coach and having spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical and health care sector Kate has led and coached many leaders and considers communication to be at the heart of effective relationships in work and outside.

She holds a BSc and MBA and MSc and is an accredited MBTI practitioner.

Over the last 12 years Kate has developed a coaching organisation and now focusses her work on coaching and development for women leaders, early careerists and leaders looking to develop greater impact through their communication and use of talk. She also trains coaches and mentors and sees VoicePrint as a valuable coaching tool.

VoicePrint plays an important part in Kate’s own ‘toolkit’; she has seen the impact that generating awareness of voice preference can have and how flexing in the moment has  immediate benefit.

Of her VoicePrint training Kate says:

I found the accreditation training invaluable to gain an in depth understanding of the background and process to using the Voiceprint tool. More than that, a great opportunity to share stories and experiences and to learn from the other consultants training on the programme. Having the session split over two days with opportunity to go and have ‘live’ feedback sessions with coachees in between was great and really helped to embed the learning from the programme.

The facilitation was experiential and fun which made it even more impactful. I find Voiceprint a wonderful addition to my coach’s toolbox and whenever I use it I am struck by its simplicity and yet immediate impact – clients put the learning into practice immediately with great effect – thank you!

If you’d like to contact Kate directly you can email here at [email protected]

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