Inspiring Women Leaders with The Performance Coach

June 28, 2016

Working in association with The Performance Coach, accredited VoicePrint practitioner Liz Palmer will shortly be co-facilitating the latest of TPC’s Inspiring Women Leaders programmes. This increasingly popular programme comprises a 3-day workshop plus the opportunity to access action learning and personal coaching, and VoicePrint has become one of its integral and highly valued features.

Liz tells the story of how one participant, having stepped out to make a difficult phone call immediately after the workshop session on VoicePrint, came back into the room with a huge smile on her face and announcing, ‘This really works. I’ve just used it and that conversation went much better than I had dared to hope.

As another delegate reported ‘VoicePrint is a great prompt to consider how to structure meetings or conversations with individuals that will deliver the best outcome for all stakeholders. It encourages you to ‘suspend your agenda’ and consider the desires and wants of others, not just your own.’

‘All the VoicePrint voices are valid but not all are required in the same conversation. VoicePrint helps you consider which ones are most important for that discussion, and how not to go into the ‘red zone’ (the riskier voices). If I do venture into that area, I can recognise it early and adjust my tone back to an appropriate level, especially when provoked.’

The next Inspiring Women Leaders course takes place on 26th-28th September 2016. For further details contact Liz Palmer, [email protected]

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