Graham Smith – VoicePrint accredited marketing professional

March 3, 2017

Graham has over 15 years’ experience in marketing and business development working with organisations ranging from SMEs to FTSE100 companies. He has been the only marketing professional in a company and a member of a larger marketing team in others.

Graham’s career has included work in the property, professional body, insurance and HR sectors. He has been responsible for marketing strategy, rebranding exercises, digital and print campaigns, social media and PR. He has launched corporate and e-commerce websites and established brand guidelines and written style guides.

Graham Smith VoicePrint Accredited Marketing Profesional Graham has led and recruited marketing teams and has achieved professional development with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Ashridge Business School.

Graham has a passion for language and a common challenge in the work that he does is to help a brand to find the right ‘voice’. This draws strong parallels with VoicePrint, which helps individuals understand how they speak and how it is perceived by others.
Graham has used VoicePrint with a number of individuals and the focus is always on helping them to learn from their own VoicePrint profile and making positive changes to the way they talk – enabling them and the people they work with to perform better.

“Many people – particularly marketers – like to talk. So having a tool that assesses how we talk in the workplace and how this is perceived by others is fantastic.

Importantly, you can change your voice. This means that after being assessed, you have a great opportunity to keep doing the things that work and address the things that perhaps aren’t.”

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