Recognition for Continuing Professional Development in talk

September 25, 2014

The practicality and usefulness of VoicePrint has been underlined by The CPD Standards Office awarding its formal certification to the course ‘Your Voice – Your Impact,’ developed by our colleague, and accredited VoicePrint practitioner, Rob Mason of RM Coaching & Consulting.
‘Your Voice – Your Impact’ provides a lively and engaging introduction to VoicePrint by using a short and highly interactive workshop, which combines the opportunity to complete the self-perception questionnaire beforehand with a strong workshop focus on identifying personal relevance and application. Participation in this foundational element constitutes 4 hours of certificated CPD and a further 4 hours can be obtained by anyone who chooses to take part in the personal coaching module, which Rob offers as an optional extension of the course.
An experienced change agent and coach, with a proven track record of delivering improvements by applying lean, 6 sigma and personal development methodologies, Rob is one of an increasing number of independent consultants who are choosing to add VoicePrint to the range of tools that they use in their organisational development work.

Let’s talk, if you are interested in the ‘Your Voice – Your Impact’ programme, or if you would like to discuss how you might start to use VoicePrint in the context of your own work.


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