Some of the real world benefits VoicePrint users are experiencing

What can VoicePrint do for you?

Imagine the benefits in your everyday life, both professionally and personally, that you would experience if you could really understand and master how to communicate successfully in all the different situations that life throws at you.

The way we talk is a skill that we use every day, but we don’t usually give it a lot of conscious attention. We are more successful when we do.  VoicePrint is a personal profiling tool that lets you visualise and understand the way you talk, how you are heard by others, and the impact that you have.

VoicePrint equips you with the awareness and the resources that you need to tune your communications, develop your influence and make your voice count.

VoicePrint provides you with an innovative diagnostic into a skill that has never been more important. It generates powerful personal insights and practical guidance on how to turn those insights into greater capability and improved performance.

Development that is relevant, accessible, practical

The most powerful profiling tool I have used.

Liz Palmer Executive and Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Better use and less waste of people’s strongest energies

VoicePrint changed my life.

Jervis Tilly Project Manager, Financial Services, Bangkok

Improved communication, collaboration, engagement and alignment

It made me a more dynamic and successful communicator.

Thierry Clarke CEO

More agile leadership, culture and change

Improved performance across all our key performance indicators.

Neil S Process Improvement Manager

More productive thinking, dialogue, interactions and outcomes

Taking responsibility for the success of the conversation.

Charlie Dalrymple International Programmes Director

Increasing personal effectiveness: knowing what, knowing-how and knowing-when

The most rewarding and useful piece of development I’ve ever done.

Graham C Clinical Director, Private Healthcare, Ireland

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