Andy Granston – VoicePrint Practitioner

July 22, 2019
Andy Granston

My background is in the no-nonsense world of retail.

What I like about VoicePrint is that it’s so practical. The feedback I most often get when I use it with people is about how immediately useful they find it…“I can use what I have learnt about myself today straight away both at work and at home.”

I’m an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator. With over 20 years of experience, I’ve learnt that people are most likely to make a real, living connection to learning simply by talking and then being inspired to put ideas into action; transitioning from Talk to Walk.

I firmly believe that people learn best when they’re given the opportunity to process new ideas by talking them through and exploring what it means to them personally. This includes listening to the views of others, celebrating diversity, embracing change and accepting new challenges.

As a facilitator I am the conductor of such conversations.

I have a ‘pub speak’ approach to helping people’s learning and development. I encourage people to use a down-to-earth conversational style to engage in meaningful, challenging dialogue that opens the doorway to effective learning and development in practice.

I’ve delivered training and facilitated for, and with, many enviable organisations. I believe I excel at creating an atmosphere for debate, discussion and feedback that is supportive and stretching. 

I completed my VoicePrint training in 2018 and have since used it widely in both one-to-one coaching situations as well as with groups of people and teams. As I explain to them, “VoicePrint is a tool that helps you to use talk well, and to flex your style and approach to work more effectively with others.”

I’m always ready for a conversation. You can reach me through [email protected]

Andy Granston – VoicePrint Practitioner

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