Alison Verheul – Senior HR Consultant

March 1, 2017

Alison has worked as an HR consultant for over 25 years, formally as an operations director for a global consulting firm as well as managing projects up to a £1 million worth in revenue. Since 2001 she has built her own business, developing a reputation as a pragmatic and focused business advisor, using strong listening and inquiring skills to get to the nub of an issue quickly. She is currently a Senior Consultant at Connor, which has invested in creating a strong group of accredited practitioners to support its extensive use of the VoicePrint tool.

She specialises in designing and delivering leadership development programmes, assessment processes, individual and team coaching, and bringing about change through the development of values and behaviour- led interventions. Her passion is for helping teams and individuals to access, recognise and realise their potential. She is acknowledged as an inspirational coach, with an accepting and approachable style, encouraging and supporting her clients to achieve their goals.

Alison became an accredited VoicePrint practitioner in 2016. As a qualified practitioner across a range of psychometric instruments, she has a good understanding of how well designed instruments can add real value to discussions with individuals and teams, helping them to recognise the impact of their style and approach.

Alison says:

VoicePrint has enabled me to work with individuals to recognise how their “voices” can help or hinder their performance and how they can increase effectiveness in all their interactions”

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