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What is VoicePrint?

VoicePrint is a model of 9 'modes' of voice. The VoicePrint profiles are powerful diagnostics that form the most immediately useful personal development tool.

VoicePrint unlocks our understanding of talk, allowing us to use it more effectively than ever before.

VoicePrint makes an immediate, practical difference in the quality and impact of how people perform and equips you to deal with your organisational challenges more productively & effectively.

VoicePrint raises our awareness of how we use talk and what happens when we do.

What does VoicePrint do?

VoicePrint diagnostics show how an individual communicates both with others and in their self-talk.

It unlocks the awareness to understand the modes of voice they use most and the ones they use least, plus how those change under pressure.

Talk comes easy, so we assume we know how to use it.

But the impact that we have doesn’t always correspond with our intent. Without sufficient awareness our impact can be unintended, unproductive and unappreciated.

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