Use VoicePrint in your developmental project

Is your organisation faced with developmental projects and issues?

Many of the worlds most recognisable brands have successfully used VoicePrint in their projects to deliver visible, practical improvement to teams and individuals.

  • Harper Collins developing people
  • Harvey Nash
  • RedR charity using diagnostics to improve communication
  • Siemens use VoicePrint diagnostic to improve communication
  • Rolls Royce choose VoicePrint
  • sage capital use VoicePrint

Developmental projects and issues on which VoicePrint has demonstrated its value include:

  • executive coaching
  • leadership development
  • team development
  • culture change
  • process improvement
  • change management
  • communications
  • conflict resolution
  • inter-personal skill & emotional intelligence
  • personal presence and influence
  • coaching & mentoring
  • business partnering

How has VoicePrint helped?

Staff had gone through an organisational merger, which they openly described as a ‘takeover.’
Pre-VoicePrint I would have handled this situation poorly, as I would have become over-challenging. The awareness that VoicePrint gave me of my own tendencies has enabled me to accelerate relationship-building and together we have been able to greatly improve performance across all our key performance indicators.

Neil S Process Improvement Manager, National Health Service

Do you have a project you like to use VoicePrint with?

If you think VoicePrint might be useful for a particular project or requirement of your own the we can provide accredited practitioners who can deliver expert support in its use and application.

Fill in the form below and we’ll help you decide whether your project will benefit from using VoicePrint and deliver our expert support in incorporating VoicePrint’s distinctive contribution into it.

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