VoicePrint Training

Are you a consultant or coach interested in using VoicePrint professionally?

Would you would like to add the unique advantages of providing and interpreting the VoicePrint diagnostics to your skill set?

If so, you can become trained and accredited as a VoicePrint practitioner and provider.  We’ve created a number of options to allow you to tailor training and accreditation to suit you.  As well as developmental resources to support you in using VoicePrint effectively.

Learn more about the benefits of VoicePrint training for coaches and consultants.

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Looking to improve communication and dialogue for yourself or your organisation?

Talk-Wise is a developmental intervention aimed at anyone who wants to improve communication, either personally or in their organisation. It is available either on an open programme or as a bespoke event and in the form of either team or one-to-one coaching.

Talk-Wise enables you to bring a new and acute level of awareness to the interactions and discussions that are of the greatest importance in your own particular context. It then teaches how to turn that awareness into specific behaviours that will make you more influential and your interactions more productive and successful.

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What people are saying about VoicePrint training

Voiceprint offers both individuals and teams clear insight into the way they interact with the outside world and with each other. The themes presented within the analysis are perceptive, often illuminating and easily translate into practical development activities that make a difference

Helen M Head of Global Talent Management
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