Talk-Wise Training

TalkWise You is a unique one-day training & development workshop aimed at anyone who wants to improve their communication and influencing capability.

TalkWise You:

  • places you and the interactions that are most important for you at the centre of the learning experience;
  • enables you to focus on the specific contexts in which you need to communicate successfully and be influential;
  • reveals the distinctive ways in which you as an individual tend to approach these situations;
  • makes you aware of the habitual and largely unconscious patterns shaping your approach, the dynamics of how you personally tend to shift and adapt as you endeavour to be influential;
  • reveals when and how aspects of your characteristic approach are causing you to ‘get in your own way’ without realising it;
  • teaches you how to recognise and catch these tendencies ‘in the moment’, and how to re-direct your voice to have greater influence;
  • prepares you for the most important conversations that you will be having after you leave the workshop;
  • gives you immediate, personal and practical guidance on how to improve your effectiveness in those interactions;
  • identifies the other steps that you personally might wish to take to make yourself an exceptional communicator and outstanding influencer.

I wanted to let you know that I go to work with a spring in my step these days.

It is challenging to drop some old habits, but dropping they are. I have a sense of balance and feel that my values align with the job and life itself, so I am far more fulfilled.

Thank you for helping me to find that path through understanding how I tick when under pressure.


Thank you. I enjoyed the session yesterday (despite how it may have appeared!). I was spurred on by it to catch my boss the very next day, and I’m pleased to say that I was finally able to have the conversation that gave me the clarity I needed.


Looking to improve communication and dialogue for yourself or your organisation?

TalkWise You uses the innovative VoicePrint personal profiling tool to give you deep insights into your approach to communicating and influencing. You will have the opportunity to complete the diagnostic questionnaire which identifies your VoicePrint profile before you come on the workshop.

The workshop itself is a structured dialogue between you, the TalkWise expert leading your workshop and your fellow participants.  The focus throughout is personal and practical. The aim is to make this the single most useful personal development experience you will ever have.

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