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Charlie D

Taking responsibility for the success of the conversation.

vp-adminCharlie D
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N, Public Healthcare Improvement Manager

Staff had gone through an organisational merger, which they openly described as a ‘takeover.’

Pre-VoicePrint I would have handled this situation poorly, as I would have become over-challenging. Awareness of my own tendencies has enabled me to accelerate relationship-building and together we have been able to greatly improve performance across all our key performance indicators.

vp-adminN, Public Healthcare Improvement Manager
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S, Senior Asset Manager

I’ve stopped preaching. Now I lead with my headlines. I distil more, highlight the themes and risks, and summarise more succinctly and promptly. Understanding my VoicePrint profile has made me more influential.

vp-adminS, Senior Asset Manager
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T, General Manager

I received VoicePrint coaching while I was leading the implementation of a very difficult organisational change. It was a very powerful and helpful lesson for me in how to use your ‘voice’ carefully and wisely.

vp-adminT, General Manager
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C, Group Director

What resonated most strongly for me was when you made the point that personal competence, corporate culture and organisational change are all created the same way: conversation by conversation. I try to use that insight every day.

vp-adminC, Group Director
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K, Senior Business Partner

VoicePrint is a great prompt to consider how to structure meetings or conversations with individuals that will deliver the best outcome for all stakeholders. It encourages you to ‘suspend your agenda’ and consider the desires and wants of others, not just your own outcome.

vp-adminK, Senior Business Partner
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C, Departmental Manager

VoicePrint made me see that I was using the wrong voice to frame and clarify the work that I needed my people to do. I was using too many words and simply causing confusion. I’d always avoided admonishing, because I thought it was something you only did when things went wrong. I now understand that it helps you to avoid that problem by specifying boundaries and expectations in the first place.

vp-adminC, Departmental Manager
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P, Manufacturing Operations Manager

My VoicePrint 360 feedback made me realise that the challenging that I thought was a good way of motivating my people to take more initiative was actually alienating and inhibiting them!

vp-adminP, Manufacturing Operations Manager
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C, Humanitarian Relief Manager

I’ve learned that when you take a very strong advocacy position, like I used to do, you hold entire responsibility for the success of the conversation. But when you create the space for other people to play a greater role in the conversation, then they take responsibility for that success and ultimately the success of the outcomes of the project afterwards.  

vp-adminC, Humanitarian Relief Manager
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J, Financial Services Executive, Singapore

Voiceprint is an excellent framework for becoming more aware of one’s communication style, and understanding how it might be perceived by others. More importantly, it suggests very practical and actionable improvements that can result in more effective interactions. Voiceprint is an important component of our firm’s program for developing team and client relationship skills.

vp-adminJ, Financial Services Executive, Singapore
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