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Carrie Gracie Shows Us How

Carrie Gracie Shows Us How You don’t have to be a man to make your voice heard

I don’t like telling people that they should read something. It’s too directive for my taste. But there is a time and a place for each and every one of the nine voices, and this is a time for the directive voice.

If you’re someone who cares about gender equity, or someone who is interested in good communicating or if you simply spend some of your own hard-earned cash to pay for a BBC licence fee, and want to be assured that the money is being well spent, then you should read the letter that Carrie Gracie published at the beginning of this week, when she resigned from her role as the Corporation’s China Editor.

vp-adminCarrie Gracie Shows Us How
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Gender Equity has a Speech Impediment: what are we going to do about it?

Gender Equality Has A Problem

If we’re serious about gender equity, we need to prove it.

While a few cultures evidently do not believe in equal opportunity for the sexes, most now at least espouse it and have policies that support it. Unfortunately, micro-discourse and behaviour too often belie our public utterances. So when I say that ‘we’ need to prove we’re serious about it, I mean ‘we’ at every level, nationally, organisationally, inter-personally, at every cultural level where people meet and interact.

Some might object that it is time to stop talking about gender equity and start doing more about it, but actually it is time to start talking differently, in a way that respects and manifests gender equity. This is one of the most powerful and immediately available ways of bringing it into being.

vp-adminGender Equity has a Speech Impediment: what are we going to do about it?
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3 New Year Resolutions for Committed Communicators

If you’re interested in VoicePrint, you’re likely to be someone who not only wants to be a good communicator personally, but also shares our ambition to see improved communication on a much wider scale, between individuals, within organisations and across societies.

On the VoicePrint blog we will continue to publish pieces designed to support and enable improved communication and interaction at all levels. There will be more case studies, more illustrations of ‘voices at work’ in particular roles and contexts, more features with practical guidance on how to develop specific voices for particular responsibilities, occasions and purposes.

But the world goes into its new calendar year at a time when authentic, principled and genuinely useful communication seems in many ways to be under pressure and in real danger. So in 2018 the VoicePrint blog is going to make three highly relevant issues the focus of special and sustained attention.

vp-admin3 New Year Resolutions for Committed Communicators
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Why Do You Ask – How to Handle Inquiries More Effectively

Understanding the motive behind questions can show us How to Handle Inquiries Effectively.

Why do you ask? How to recognise the motive behind the question

You’ll probably have been on the receiving end of someone’s question and found yourself thinking, ‘Why do you ask?’ It’s a useful piece of wondering for a number of reasons. For a start, it prompts you to consider how you’re going to reply, and thoughtful answers generally make for more productive conversations. For another reason, a range of quite different motives might lie behind the inquirer’s question. An answer, which fails to take account of the motive behind the question, is a risky answer. It might be irrelevant, naive or unethical, an inappropriate, unguarded or unauthorised disclosure, or an opinion that is hasty, narrow or simplistic.

vp-adminWhy Do You Ask – How to Handle Inquiries More Effectively
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Developing teams with better meetings using VoicePrint

Why is this team meeting such hard going?

Sometimes a successful development intervention entails no more than raising awareness about something that people are already equipped to fix. They have the ability and the motivation, but cannot pinpoint what the problem is or what they should do differently. It’s a common problem for teams.

vp-adminDeveloping teams with better meetings using VoicePrint
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Finding your voice and using it to make a difference

Finding your voice is a challenge that everyone in a leadership or management role needs to meet.

It’s a challenge because it needs to be your voice; it needs to be true to you and your values and personality or it won’t convince others. It’s also a challenge because it needs to be different; your voice needs to be distinct and additive, if it to bring value to the team.

vp-adminFinding your voice and using it to make a difference
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VoicePrint Practitioner Profile Rachael Hanley-Browne

Accredited VoicePrint practitioner Rachael Hanley-Browne is a highly experienced assessment and development professional. She is Head of Leadership Consulting, an organisational development practice in Harvey Nash, best known as a billion dollar recruitment and outsourcing group with over 40 offices across the globe.

vp-adminVoicePrint Practitioner Profile Rachael Hanley-Browne
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How to be a Marvellous Mentor

The first time someone asked me to be their mentor, I was both flattered and puzzled.

It felt like an honour to have been asked, but I wasn’t quite clear about what being a mentor actually meant. Instinctively I turned to the dictionary, and in doing so realised that I was consulting a mentor of my own.

Although it’s called the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, it comes in two hefty volumes, runs to 2,672 pages in my edition, and weighs in at 4.6 kg (I know, because I’ve just weighed it on the bathroom scales.) I bought it more than forty years ago and ever since it has been on hand, always beside me in my office, ready to be consulted if I need it.

vp-adminHow to be a Marvellous Mentor
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The Place of Psychometrics in Team Development

The Psychometrics Forum is the UK’s leading independent group of psychometric practitioners, and throughout 2017 its events programme has been focused on the theme of psychological myth-busting. On 20th September VoicePrint director and developer Alan Robertson will be the Forum’s latest speaker, leading a session on VoicePrint: how the way we talk shapes the way we think and act.

vp-adminThe Place of Psychometrics in Team Development
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How to talk your way to better working relationships

Are you good with numbers but less good with words and with people? Many people, especially perhaps those with quick and active minds who have a lot going on inside their heads, are not as effective as they would like to be when it comes to communicating their thinking to others.

vp-adminHow to talk your way to better working relationships
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