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Voices at Work – among the out-of-work

A focus on nameless people who are out of work, reveals that our voices are always at work, even when we are not.

In some occupations, perhaps most, certain voices are particularly important. Diagnosing and directing are essential parts of being a paramedic. Detectives need to probe and critique. Salespeople need to use both inquiry and advocacy. But what about the out-of-work? Are they voiceless as well as jobless?

vp-adminVoices at Work – among the out-of-work
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How to Conduct Better Interviews

To conduct better interviews you need to know what good interviews sound like.   Better interviewers know how to structure the conversation pre interview, during the interview and afterwards.

What does good interviewing sound like?

What voice or voices do you need to do it well?

vp-adminHow to Conduct Better Interviews
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Talent & Organisational Development Case Study

Creating and embedding a coaching culture in an organisation


“We saw an instant change in beliefs and behaviours – our people realised that they weren’t always coaching their teams in the right way. The managers who went on the programme are now leading their teams more effectively.”

vp-adminTalent & Organisational Development Case Study
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Neil Brewster – Learning & Development Professional

Neil Brewster is an accredited VoicePrint practitioner who comes from a military intelligence background. Specialising in Human Intelligence operations which included interrogation and debriefing, Neil has seen the value of clear, cross-cultural rapport based communication.

vp-adminNeil Brewster – Learning & Development Professional
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Case study – Flogas

Increasing skills and capabilities at an individual, team and organisation level

The difference in behaviour in our leadership team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved noticeably. We’re thrilled with the fundamental changes you’ve made to our business.

Sharon Platts, HR director, Flogas
vp-adminCase study – Flogas
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4 Strategies for Women to Make Their Voices Heard

The Sound of Breaking Glass

There is clear evidence that women in general tend to be less forceful than men, when it comes to making their voices heard in the world of work. The effect is to disadvantage women, placing them in a ‘glass cage’ in their day-to-day interactions in the organisational context.

This is an absurdity in modern economies, where heavy manual labour is largely a thing of the past, where work revolves increasingly around the manipulation of knowledge, the provision of services and the nurturing of relationships, and where both educational and social opportunity have demonstrated that there is no sound reason to regard women and men as anything other than occupational peers.

The fact that men remain to a greater or lesser extent dominant in organisational hierarchies world-wide should not be taken as evidence that the current asymmetry is natural. The subordination of women is not a natural but a cultural state, and like any other culture, it can be changed.

So what can women do about the glass cage, its ceiling and its bars? This paper suggests four broad strategies and the cultural context in which each is likely to be most appropriate. The strategies are based on insights obtained from research and practice with our own VoicePrint diagnostic and developmental resources. The cultural contexts are described in terms of Hofstede’s well-known and highly researched framework of how cultures differ.

The emphasis is on practicality.

vp-admin4 Strategies for Women to Make Their Voices Heard
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Maggie Strudwick – HR Consultant

Maggie is an ardent supporter of individuals striving for self-development and work place inclusion opportunities; championing the endeavours of those motivated to learn from experience, developing their self-awareness and reaching for the next level. She became an accredited VoicePrint practitioner in September 2016.

vp-adminMaggie Strudwick – HR Consultant
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Alison Verheul – Senior HR Consultant

Alison has worked as an HR consultant for over 25 years, formally as an operations director for a global consulting firm as well as managing projects up to a £1 million worth in revenue. Since 2001 she has built her own business, developing a reputation as a pragmatic and focused business advisor, using strong listening and inquiring skills to get to the nub of an issue quickly. She is currently a Senior Consultant at Connor, which has invested in creating a strong group of accredited practitioners to support its extensive use of the VoicePrint tool.

vp-adminAlison Verheul – Senior HR Consultant
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Voices at Work – On the Flight Deck

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.” As you read the words, I expect you can already hear the familiar sound of the voice. The diction is crisp and clear. The accent is educated. The pace is business-like but unhurried. The message is concise and instructional. The tone is relaxed, confident and reassuring. Such is the speech of the commercial airline pilot, as much a part of the uniform as the smartly cut suit, the braid rings on the sleeve and the peaked cap. You might almost imagine that airlines carry a piece of equipment which transponds pilots’ own voices to make them all sound the same.

vp-adminVoices at Work – On the Flight Deck
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