Do you want to develop the awareness to make your voice count?

VoicePrint makes your personal, inter-personal and organisational skill-set more complete, more agile and more effective.

Each of us has a personal but largely unconscious profile of ‘voices’ which shapes the way we talk and the impact we make.

We each favour some voices, and often over-rely on them, while neglecting others. The effect is not only to leave us less versatile than we could be and need to be, but also deaf and blind to our own inflexibilities and to the consequences of some of our actions.

By bringing your personal pattern of voices, and its impact on others, into conscious awareness, VoicePrint makes your personal, inter-personal and organisational skill-set more complete, more agile and more effective.

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The options for using VoicePrint

What else can VoicePrint do for you?

Do you want,to find the key to improved communication?

Do you want, to aquire the most pivotal of all the people skills?

Do you want to discover the missing link between personality profiling and improved performance?

Do you want to learn more about the personal and organisational development tool that turns insights into practice and practice into capability?

Just some of the organisations using VoicePrint

  • Harper Collins developing people
  • Harvey Nash
  • RedR charity using diagnostics to improve communication
  • Siemens use VoicePrint diagnostic to improve communication
  • Rolls Royce choose VoicePrint
  • sage capital use VoicePrint

People like you are benefiting from using VoicePrint right now

  • I’ve learned that when you create space for other people to play a greater part in the conversation, then they take responsibility for the success of that conversation, and ultimately the success of the project afterwards.

    Charlie Dalrymple RedR
  • Do you think you’re good at communicating? I did! VoicePrint made it clear that I was much less consistent than I realised. It has given me a greater understanding about how my approach and expression impact conversations. It has enabled me to increase my communicative capability, allowing me to handle diverse situations using well-chosen approaches. In short, it has made me a more dynamic and successful communicator!

    Thierry Clarke CEO, Investor Connected Ltd
  • There is a strong element of common sense in this that makes VoicePrint more immediately useful than many diagnostics. It’s not full of jargon. I like working with it and my clients find it helpful.

    Catherine McIntosh Director, HR Consultant, Mediator, Magistrate
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